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Elliptical Trainer Exercise Benefits and Reviews

This website covers a number of elliptical machines, which are reviewed for your convenience when you are in the market to purchase a cross-trainer. Listed here are a few of our recent reviews, with more on the way.

If you like, you can read about the Editor’s choice for the “Best Elliptical Trainer” (in a mid-range package), the Yowza Captiva.  You can learn more about Yowza Fitness in general, as well as their flagship model elliptical with the review there.

ElliptiGO is the editor’s favorite elliptical bike, the world’s first true elliptical bike, and as such brings your workout outdoors (read why we thought so highly of it at the review, and feel free to leave your own thoughts as well).

Though elliptical bikes don’t afford a total body workout in general, the innovation behind ElliptiGO makes it stand apart from the crowd. It does give genuine elliptical trainer exercise, read the full review and see what you think.

Here at Elliptical Trainer Exercise, you’ll learn about the benefits of exercising on this unique cardio machine and find reviews of what the author believes mark the best elliptical machines for the investment.

What you won’t find at this website are copied, faked or otherwise junk reviews. We’ve researched and cherry-picked only a small part of the overall number of ellipticals available, and if you want further reviews you can contact us on our contact page (bottom of website).

Elliptical Trainer Exercise

We’ve done the homework to help you in your fitness equipment buying decisions, and want to provide you the best in elliptical reviews and information by following a simple plan: we shop for you. In other words, all of the elliptical machines on this site (unless otherwise noted) are examples of what the author believes are great buys for home fitness. Note that every effort has been made to be nit-picky and to shop as a shopper before reviewing an elliptical machine here.

In other words, these reviews are meant to present only a select few “approved” elliptical machines based on overall quality of customer service, warranty, workout options and benefits to the end user. Not all elliptical trainers are created equal – there is a world of difference in quality.

Recent additions to our elliptical trainer reviews include:

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Ellipticals Or Treadmills?

Recently, we published an article under Elliptical vs Treadmill that goes into the debate between the two camps: which is better? Elliptical machines or treadmills?

The exercise benefits of elliptical trainers goes far beyond mere calorie counting, but please read that post to get a fair look into the issue.

Another option for those looking for Elliptical Machines For Sale is to begin there (appearing as “Elliptical Shopping Tips” in the navigation at the top of the website) and find our buyer’s guide. Since cross-trainers are an investment, we’ve put together a list of qualities to watch out for in making your purchase.

You will also see in the right in the sidebar our site navigation to help you get around the site to find what you need. Getting back to the purpose at hand – let’s turn the discussion toward what makes elliptical training such a benefit over other forms of exercise.

Why Elliptical Trainer Exercise is a Superior Cardio Workout

If you’ve been to your local gym, surely you’ve noticed a bit of a line developing around popular equipment.  Some of these devices are mere fads, but some are so well-designed, they become part of the permanent landscape.  Ellipticals are the latter.  After reading further you’ll understand a little better why that is.  What is particularly special about elliptical trainer exercise, anyway?

Or as the question is often asked, “Why not just use the treadmill?”

Elliptical Trainer Exercise

Why use an Elliptical vs. Treadmill?

Note: follow the link in our sidebar or header for our post on this discussion in more detail.

Essentially, the elliptical machine arose due to injuries and technology.  They’re the same answer, really.  Everyone knows by now that cardiovascular workouts are essential to heart health, bone density, and overall well-being.

When our bodies hit that metabolic wall as we careen out of our teen years, our metabolism slows down.  We become a little less energetic.  Our need for speed, so to speak, dwindles.  This results in a whole host of potential and actual injuries.

The answer, according to time-tested and proven common sense and experience, is the age old answer it always was: diet, exercise and rest.  Exercise done improperly or simply overdone leads to injury.  Technology is developed to satisfy the need for exercise, while at the same time increasing safety.  If you’re injured, you won’t be losing much weight.  You’ll be on the couch or bed eating, if you’re like me.

Being benched because of an easily avoidable impact injury results in putting on more weight, losing more muscle mass, slowing your metabolism.  You’ll burn fewer calories and store more calories as fat.  Injuries are the easiest thing to avoid when you employ elliptical trainer exercise, it’s that way by design.

Elliptical machines reproduce the natural motion of our feet walking or running.  That combined with the constant contact and weight-bearing design has produced a nearly non-impact cardiovascular workout that’s necessary to a healthy exercise regimen.

When most people think of cardio workouts, they think of jogging, jumping rope or running.  These are the typical and cheapest forms of cardiovascular activity.

The real trouble behind traditional cardio workouts…

Injury. See, jumping rope or doing jumping jacks, running on the treadmill or up stairs at a stadium, etc. – they may be “cheap” exercise because you really just need the outfit and shoes…

However, your bones may disagree. 

Your joints may holler in protest, begging you to quit the abuse.

Worse case scenario: you may pull a ligament or rip a tendon, or sprain an ankle.  Your body may be in great shape right now, but you won’t remain that way forever: you’re human.  Our bodies run out of warranty after a while, and as said earlier, we’re prone to injuries.

One of the most common types of injury, even to the most athletic of us, is an impact injury.  Can these traditional forms of cardio actually be considered “cheap” when an injury can literally cost you months of quality time?  Is it really worth it to save a few bucks?

Come to think of it, when you do pull and Achilles tendon, is that a cheap price to pay by anyone’s standard? Of course not. Not to mention those who are suffering the problem of bone density loss during osteoporosis or other degenerative diseases (there are vast amounts of auto-immune diseases such as arthritis that come to mind, far too common).

Such people already know they need to get some exercise – that’s what doctors recommend as one solution or problem of osteoporosis (bone density loss due to inactivity). But for someone who has pain associated with running, etc., the problem becomes clear.

Needless to say, the elliptical design prevents that because it re-creates our body’s natural walking motion.

Benefits to Elliptical Trainer Exercise

  • Low-impact motion, due to weight-bearing design and fluid, organic motion (Low-impact = Fewer Injuries)
  • Cardiovascular workout ensures heart health
  • Weight-bearing design is good for building bone density
  • Lowered chance of injury vs. traditional workouts (including treadmills, stair steppers and exercise bikes)
  • Efficiency: total body workout reduces overall workout time
  • Weight-loss due to increased metabolism
  • Motivation: anyone can use the device, from young to old, due to low-impact design
  • Customizable: resistance varies by model, from gravity-resistance to electrical-powered workouts
  • Safe and smart way to lose weight and build a healthy heart

Elliptical machines that have an upper body option (most mid-grade to high-grade models do) offer “total body exercise.”  The theory behind this type of exercise is that the more muscle groups involved in aerobic activity, the more efficient the activity is to improve the burning of fat, calories and increasing your endurance.  All this is accomplished with a lower perceived effort.

Elliptical trainer exercise works out your glutes, chest, back, biceps and triceps, quads and hamstring muscles.  With all of these muscles involved, your workout time is maximized.  Given these facts, elliptical trainer exercise is here to stay for the long haul, unless or until the human body undergoes an upgrade in design.  Until then, you’ll see these machines with the long lines at the gym, or you can purchase any number of good models for home use.

If you are looking for a workout: Please read our Elliptical Workout page for a 5-week plan I’ve used to lose a lot of weight, build stamina and make real progress using an elliptical machine.

There’s an elliptical machine within everyone’s budget – whether you buy one from our site or simply go to your local fitness center, be sure to make elliptical trainer exercise a part of an efficient, safe and rewarding total body workout.