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In dealing with durable fitness equipment, the term “budget” usually means “not quality,” but the Yowza Largo is a better elliptical trainer than what one would expect for a budget elliptical. You might expect at under a thousand dollars that the Yowza Largo would be an elliptical trainer for someone not serious about fitness – this price range is typically for customers who want to get their toes wet but would rather not have a serious commitment to a healthy lifestyle overall.

Honestly, very few elliptical trainers in this price range can boast the quality of the Yowza Largo elliptical trainer, although there are exceptions to the rule (very few). The Yowza lineup is impressive with their commitment to quality overall, and their panache for quality products which are stable and durable can be seen in the Yowza Largo.

Yowza Largo Elliptical Trainer

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At under a thousand dollars, why should you expect the Yowza Largo elliptical trainer to boast any quality? There are a couple of reasons. The manufacturer, though still fairly new, has been producing quality machines for years thanks to founding member Leao Wang, responsible party for many fitness patents and innovations, most notably at Smooth Fitness.

He more or less invented the direct sales market with regard to shopping online for elliptical trainers.

Besides their expertise in the elliptical trainer market, the Yowza Fitness team knows business – they have cut out the middle man in distribution. In order to “see” a Yowza product in action, you can arrange for a meeting with a proud owner nearby using the Yowza Fitness blog, there is a link by which you can get into contact with a local owner, facilitated by Yowza.

Why no middle man? Why aren’t these in stores?

In a word: savings. Huge savings.

These savings have been passed onto the consumer – hence the Yowza Largo elliptical trainer is under a thousand dollars and remains, in this reviewer’s eyes, a high quality product even at this price point. The Largo is their budget elliptical, if you want to read our review of their best elliptical, you can see our Yowza Captiva elliptical review.

For another elliptical, just underneath the Captiva, you can read our Yowza Sanibel review and see why we think the world of this innovative manufacturer.

The model above the Largo is the Yowza Navarre, and we also feature an in-depth review of that elliptical here on site as well.

Yowza Largo Elliptical

Yowza Largo Discount

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Yowza Largo Elliptical Trainer Features

Starting off with the warranty – which is typically about a year for both parts as well as labor on an elliptical under a thousand dollars, the Largo elliptical is protected by three years of protection on parts. The reason? Yowza doesn’t think their elliptical will last merely a year.

The Yowza Fitness Largo was built to last.

Dimensions of the Largo

Overall dimensions as far as footprint goes are 51 inches by 24 inches (L X W) – it is very compact and can fit well into most places. Unlike the bigger machines with a much more substantial footprint, the Largo will use minimal space. Despite the smaller footprint, the Yowza Largo elliptical trainer is very stable overall, actually moreso than you may imagine for a budget elliptical trainer.

What you would not expect to find is the degree of stability it offers, it is a nice surprise. Granted, it is not as rock-solid as the
Navarre Elliptical
, Sanibel nor Captiva, which are more stable due to their bulkier footprint, heft and design – and their price tags!

All of them are over $1,000 (what you would expect to pay for a quality elliptical trainer). Having said that, you can expect the Largo to be one of the most stable, solid ellipticals in this or any price range price range. What it lacks in “heft” does not amount to a lack of stability.

The weight limit claims to be 300 pounds from the manufacturer. There was no way to tell for sure in the test conducted for this review, but the 248 pound user had no complaints at all.

Stride length

Stride length for the Largo elliptical crosstrainer was just right for the five-foot, nine-inches tall reviewer, however it is only 18 inches. By “just right” it is exactly that – if the reviewer were over 6 feet tall, then the Largo might have been too small for an effective workout.

Otherwise, it is “just right” for many, if not most, users.

The “ride” of the elliptical was very smooth, not bouncy or abrupt. Many so-called ellipticals in the budget arena have less of an elliptical motion, and more of an oval or nearly circular motion. That loses the power and point of having an elliptical trainer to begin with.

The Yowza Largo had a smooth ride, no hiccups, and delivered a great workout.

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SureFit Pedals – Exclusive to Yowza Fitness

Other accessories and features of the Largo are the “SureFit” pedals, which is a trademarked way of saying the Largo boasts articulated pedals for your feet. They “cam” and adjust various ways.

The benefit to you is that your ankles will not be forced into an awkward position, and will be able to flex every which way you naturally would. Furthermore, the design of the SureFitTM pedals (used on all Yowza’s elliptical trainers) is unique and highly ergonomic.

When it was said they “cam,” this means that the pedals will angle in an ergonomic, natural way. Your heels will not lift off of the pedals as you would expect to find (as it is a common, cheap design in most ellipticals, especially underneath a thousand dollars).

The benefit to you is two-fold: less ankle stress, and your leg muscles will get worked out from various angles that less articulate pedals would not be able to offer.

Yowza Fitness Largo Control Panel

The control features on the handles are also a great feature of the Largo. Essentially, the heart rate monitor is read in the handles that will move with your stride, as opposed to the stationary handles (this is very typical in most ellipticals: you have to remove your hands from the moving handles and place them on the fixed handles to get a heart rate).

You can read your pulse without missing anything in your workout.

On top of this benefit, you will also be able to control the level of difficulty from the same handles that you read your pulse with. Your upper body will still be in the middle of working out while you adjust the settings.

Benefit? Less time making adjustments, or cooling off while you get a read on your heart rate, and less down time as you adjust the resistance. You will get the full use of an uninterrupted workout on the Largo.

Sound System on The Yowza Largo

The placement of the speakers on the iPod (or other MP3) docking station is ideally situated so your audio experience while exercising is top notch. Having said that, the Largo is not a stereo, it is an elliptical trainer: don’t expect to be blown away, but you can expect to be pleased with the result.

At this price range, the Largo is a good deal for anyone who is looking for quality without breaking the bank. The Yowza Largo elliptical machine is solidly built, value-priced, and is smooth and quiet: easily fitting into most apartments without disturbing the downstairs neighbors.

To read the full specs sheet, customer reviews, and purchasing information, visit:

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