Why the Yowza Captiva is the Best Elliptical Trainer

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We were the first to review the Yowza Fitness Captiva online, and the first to see its value as a unique “variable motion elliptical” with a patented “CardioCORE” ™ motion. From the start, we’ve noticed its value, for reasons outlined below we hope to prove what makes it the best elliptical trainer for home use.

Scroll down to see a sample Yowza Captiva workout, targeting the core muscles.

This is first-hand experience of a great company that I think you should really get to know. That’s because Yowza Fitness has one of the strongest warranties in the business, including a 60-day money back guarantee – no questions asked – policy. That’s good business in anyone’s book.

Since this is an investment in your health, you want to be sure you get your money’s worth – and the money-back guarantee is there to back up a product you will not be returning once you begin to see the results on your overall fitness. Our opinion is that this model represents the best value overall: in innovation, patents, overall workout, service and price – hands down the best elliptical trainer (unless you want to spend upwards of $4,000 for an industrial machine).

Yowza Captiva

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Beyond good business, however, their products are first in class. Before I make the case, there are a few other resources on our site you should look into. Our review of the Schwinn 460 Variable Stride Elliptical Trainer is one to consider – it’s one of the top-rated ellipticals on Amazon and in our opinion is in a lower class for reasons stated below, but still a great buy.

Comparing the Schwinn 460 to the Yowza Captiva:

Schwinn’s 460 is fantastic for those who would like a hybrid elliptical, one that will allow the user to vary the stride length from a stair-stepper-like 2″ stride, to a full running stride. It is a mighty fine product, and gets regularly reviewed by customers as top notch.


We prefer the cardio core motion of Captiva, as well as the variable motion elliptical feature, which targets your legs muscles and glutes excellently. (If you like stair stepping, however, this might be reason to go for the Schwinn).

So it is a matter of preference, Nautilus makes Schwinn and the product is great. Yowza engineered their Captiva to provide a number of features, such as more users stored in the console compared to the 460′s two users – altogether we think the workout on the Captiva is more rigorous and total-body oriented than the Schwinn.

By far, side-by-side, the Captiva Variable Motion Elliptical is industry-changing in its innovations, and out-classes the Schwinn 460 in overall build quality, maintenance (Captiva is maintenance free, unlike the Schwinn), warranty and workout. By all rights, the features on Captiva make it in league with upper-end elliptical trainers from Lifestyle Fitness, Precor and other recognized names.

All of these other models are nearly twice (or more) in cost as the Captiva, all the more reason that this model is by and large the best elliptical trainer on the market, in a league all its own.

And keep in mind that currently the Captiva is the flagship of Yowza’s ellipticals, their entry level elliptical trainer, the Largo is an example of fine craftsmanship as well, without the bells and whistles you’ll read here about Captiva.

Let me also give you some other recommendations from our general elliptical review page here. For a buying guide that I wrote LONG before I ever heard of Yowza myself, you can read this page. I bring that up because if you read that page first, and then this one, you’ll understand why I was so excited to begin talking about Yowza – they hit all my “buyer’s guide” points without even asking!

Is this really the best elliptical trainer?

In this reviewer’s eyes, out of a possible 5 stars, the Captiva is in a league all its own. The truth is that the Yowza Captiva is 5 out of 5 stars, no question.

Yowza Fitness, whom we highly recommend, produces several models of elliptical cross trainers. Their Captiva VME represents their top-shelf product and is full of patented innovation, exclusive to this model.
Yowza Captiva In Action
Certain reviews have already touted this model as “The Best Elliptical Trainer of 2010,” to which we have to agree.  The Captiva was released in 2009, late in the season, and still remains an exceptional elliptical trainer.

The reason for that is because of the re-invent-the-wheel, innovative design. This model represents an evolution in design in elliptical technology. There are two particular features that set this apart from the rat-pack: “Variable Motion” and the “Cardio Core Training,” according to the Yowza literature, and the Cardio Core training is actually a feature available on the Yowza Sanibel model, too – though the Variable Motion is exclusively a feature of the Captiva.

The benefit to you as the end-user: you experience one of the hands-down best cross-training workouts you’ve experienced. This machine isn’t for those who lack commitment to a regular cardio exercise regimen.

Captiva is a serious machine that produces serious results, for a full, efficient, low-impact, total body workout.

The Company Behind the Captiva Elliptical

You may not have ever heard of Yowza Fitness for the life of you – just who are these guys? Well, in Europe they have managed to make a name for themselves, in America they are still building recognition (they partnered with Adidas in 2011, for example). The two designers of this machine, according to their site, have a combined experience of almost 50 years in fitness. They know what they’re doing.

Their reputation in Europe:

Yowza Fitness is a producer of quality, durable, “maintenance-free” equipment. Like I said, they aren’t slouches by far, rather they are on top of the industry in many ways.

The company behind Yowza Fitness is Greenmaster Industrial Corporation, and they were responsible for the success of Smooth Fitness.

The full price for the Captiva, upon release, was (is) $3,499.  There is good news, however – we have Yowza Fitness discounts for readers to use.

Official Yowza Fitness Captiva Coupons

**Special Yowza CardioCORE(TM) Coupon**

You can now have significant savings on the Yowza Captiva and other CardioCORE trainers (for the 2012 models). To save $100 off, and get free shipping, for a total savings of up to 45% – use the following coupon, good for Sep 13, 2015:

This is a limited time offer, and may be gone without notice (I don’t have the inside scoop of when the discount ends).

That includes free shipping. For this introductory sale, they’ve extended the warranty (labor) to 2 years!

Financing is Available: 18 Months Same as Cash – So you can pay as you go, just click through to the appropriate section.

Yowza Fitness the CardioCore Elliptical Company
Here is a screen shot of their financing:
Yowza Captiva Financing Available

This sale is a significant savings, and again I am not sure when the expiration is.  The company does want to get the word out and get Captiva the recognition it deserves in the market, my recommendation is to take advantage of the $100 off + free shipping discount while it lasts.

In this reviewer’s mind: Captiva is currently the best elliptical trainer, giving you the most bang for your buck. Let’s take a peek at some of the reasons why – the features.

The Main Features

CardioCORE Elliptical (TM)

This is a unique feature to the Captiva, and actually a very competitive edge for this particular model. Watch for imitations to creep up in months and years to come. See, as discussed on our home page, one of the main benefits of elliptical trainer exercise is the combination of upper/lower body movement, for a total body workout.

On most elliptical designs, what this means is that the upper body is holding onto the handlebars, and simply “going along for the ride” in a manner of speaking. Result: the lower body gets the lion’s share of the workout. The upper body’s just playing the part.

Yowza Fitness battled this design flaw with CardioCoreTM Training. Your core muscles (abdominals) get a workout . This is due to the design of the handlebar, which swings side-to-side in conjunction with the pedals. Benefit: your core gets trained, much like when you’re doing crunches.

The added engagement of the abdominal wall during the workout adds enough noticeable resistance that you’ll feel the burn.

Example Workout

Yowza Fitness perfected this technology in their Core-X abdominal trainer, which you can view at their website, they have a few videos up for showcasing their product line.

Variable Motion Elliptical (VME)

This design feature is another nail in the competitions’ coffin, as Yowza ups the ante again. This feature allows you to vary the stride length from 18-32 inches…and not just that, because that would be exciting, but really not that significant. No, this is different – you get 12 (a full dozen!) motions, not simply variable elliptical strides.

Benefit: you’ll work out different muscles in your lower body, and really step your game up as far as cardiovascular workouts are concerned. Different angles of attack = different burn.

With this VME style, you’ll put less strain on your knees, lift your legs higher than you normally would expect to, and really tackle different leg muscles than a traditional elliptical motion range can accomplish. You’ll work out your quads, hip flexors, hams and lower back muscles. Another benefit: this is a serious step up in cardio exertion. You’ll feel it as you increase in intensity, and now the elliptical machine isn’t just for those who don’t want to “push” themselves.

This machine is for the athlete, as well as the man or woman-off-the-street. If you’re serious about getting a total body workout, with genuine exertion for both upper and lower body, you need look no further.

Free Shipping on Captive Elliptical from Yowza Fitness, and besides that, there’s more to the Captiva, such as:

iPod Docking Station and Sound System

Your iPod will keep you good company as you plug and play with your new Captiva, with a surround sound that’s no slouch. I’m sure you’ll find the sound as we did – above par.

Colorful Backlit LCD Display

This isn’t the boring, calculator-style screen you’ll find on most exercise equipment. This is full-color and high resolution. Here is a glimpse:

Best Elliptical Trainer

Read Customer Reviews

SureFitTM Pedals

These pedals have “cam” action, to quote an automotive phrase. They pivot along with the motion of the elliptical, thus providing a more ergonomic design. It absorbs shock. Benefit: less wear-and-tear on your joints.

Eddy Current Braking System

This is top-shelf quality as far as brakes are concerned, typically reserved for industrial-grade machines. There is currently no technologically superior braking system in elliptical machines, and marks a clear break with the majority of the elliptical machines on the market.

Sealed Bearings

Sealed bearings, vs. bushings, will result in longer life of the machine, and quieter operation. Again: this is a top-of-the-line machine.

Heavy-Gauged Flywheel

This flywheel has real heft. It’s over 40 pounds, and results in a smooth feel, with gradual starts/stops. Benefit: this will more than likely outlast the competition.

3-Speed Cooling Fan

When you push it to the max on your elliptical workout, you’ll need to cool your jets. This fan will bring your core temperature down, since it’s aimed at your core. Ahh! Relief! Benefit: longer endurance for you during your workout, more calories burned, more efficient workout.


The Yowza Fitness Captiva is the reigning crown champion, overall the best elliptical trainer of the 21st century. With its innovative and patented design, attention to detail, old-fashioned durable design and extended 2-year warranty, this is one serious cross-trainer you need to try to believe.

Believe it when you read the sale price of $100 off and Free Shipping, plus the factory-direct mark-down = a massive savings – these began at $3,499 when first introduced, and were worth every penny at that point.

Do you want firmer abs? Do you want to train your leg muscles (including the ones you didn’t know you even had) and your upper body to boot? You’ll want to give Yowza Fitness a look. Our hats are off to Yowza – this one will be hard to beat.

In the meantime, it’s official: the Yowza Fitness Captiva is the best elliptical trainer available to the masses.

Here it is in all its glory – the pictures below will take you to the manufacturer’s site if you want to purchase or read more:

Captiva Elliptical (VME series)

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Other Ellipticals in the Lineup

The Navarre elliptical, at full price, sells at $1999. Please note, this does not have the “CardioCoreTM” motion – it is a traditional handlebar configuration. The motion is standard. Read our full Navarre review and receive a discount.

You can save using the coupon found at the end of the review (the coupon is found at the end of the Navarre review, specific to Navarre).

Yowza Navarre

Another elliptical exercise machine Yowza offers, compact and costing $1,299 full-price – is the zLargo elliptical trainer, their entry level standard elliptical machine (which is on sale at $999 currently).

New Ellipticals for 2012

The company is in a new product frenzy for 2012, and they decided to make the CardioCoreTM technology which used to be only available on Sanibel and Captiva more affordable.

The two new ellipticals are the Yowza Pompano and the Yowza Bonita. The Bonita is like the Largo in terms of the frame, with an 18″ stride and the CardioCoreTM action arms, the Pompano is like Navarre with a 20″ stride and the CardioCoreTM action arms.

The great news is: the CardioCoreTM abdominal system is now more affordable in price (though our pick for best elliptical remains with the Captiva, these other models have a lot to offer).

Yowza Treadmills

The company offers a number of exercise equipment products, actually. Such as a full range of treadmills, which you can read more about on their site directly.

If you want to read about their full line-up in treadmills, I can’t recommend the Treadmills for Sale site highly enough, published by another fitness review author by the name of Sam Phillips.

See the full line of Yowza Fitness treadmills there, from the Yowza Daytona down to the Yowza Siesta, with new models for 2012.